Summary of some internationally relevant Vlor-recommendations

Guaranteed core funding for higher education (10 May 2022)

Education in charge of digitalisation (24 February 2022)

To the core of the teacher's profession (23 December 2021)

Micro-credentials from a European perspective (1 July 2021)

Innovative projects for integration of childcare and education (31 March 2021)

Follow-up to the Bologna Process on the European Higher Education Area (9 March 2021)

Breaking down barriers to lifelong learning in higher education (9 March 2021)

Achieving the European Education Area? Advice on the Communication of the European Commission (17 December 2020)

Standing up for resilient education (26 November 2020)

Learning culture in adult education (8 September 2020)

Spotlights on equal opportunities in education. Recommendation with policy proposals for a strong equal opportunities policy (21 February 2020)

European cooperation after the Education and Training Framework 2020 (26 September 2019)

Outlines for a STEM action plan 2020-2030 (27 June 2019)

Challenges and opportunities for the higher education of the future (11 June 2019)

Time for a comprehensive future plan for primary education (29 May 2019)

Well-being and prevention of bullying at school (20 December 2018)

Educational quality in a broad perspective. Recommendation on strengthening internal quality assurance and pupils’ evaluation (20 December 2018)

Student centered curricula (13 November 2018)

Recommendation on the implementation of the Paris communiqué. A new milestone in the Bologna process (9 October 2018)

Education for refugees: warm welcome, smooth learning trajectory and sustainable future perspective (October 2018)

Recommendation on the diversity policy in higher education (11 September 2018)

Recommendation on the new European Erasmus programme (28 June 2018)

Fostering student participation by higher education institutions (12 June 2018)

Recommendation on guidance on the learning pathway for adults (8 May 2018)

Recommendation on the evaluation of the European programme Education and Training 2020 (24 April 2018)

Recommendation on stimulating student participation (9 May 2017) Statement on the review of the European key competences (27 April 2017)

Recommendation on an internationalization strategy for Flemish higher education (14 March 2017)

Recommendation on a plan for the future of primary education (8 March 2017)

Recommendation on language policy in higher education (14 February 2017)

Recommendation on multilingualism as a reality at school (27 October 2016)

Stronger impetus for an internationalization policy in Flemish schools (29 September 2016)

Recommendation on the Agenda for the Modernisation of Europe's Higher Education Systems (8 March 2016)

Recommendation on Education and Training 2020 (22 October 2015)

Urgent measures for the welcoming of refugees in education (24 September 2015)

Recommendation on ten guiding principles for a strong primary education (16 September 2015)

Recommendation on the Yerevan Communiqué (30 April 2015)

Recommendation on the concept paper on dual learning (12 March 2015)

Recommendation on the cooperation between education and welfare (26 February 2015)

Recommendation on the prevention and approach of bullying at school (22 January 2015)

Recommendation on literacy at the occasion of the publication of the PIAAC results (18 December 2014)

Recommendation on the implementation of Erasmus+ in Flanders (18 December 2014)

Recommendation on the amendments on the law accompanying the budget 2015 (23 October 2014)

Recommendation on the public consultation on the Europe 2020-strategy (16 October 2014)

Recommendation on draft programme law second budget adaptation 2014 and budget 2015 (16 October 2014)

Diversity is an asset. Engagement declaration of the Flemish educational field (25 September 2014)

Recommendation on digital learning in Higher Education (13 May 2014)

Position paper for the European consultation on a ‘European Area of Skills and Qualifications’ (10 April 2014)

Memorandum for the next Flemish government 2014-2019 (23 January 2014)

Recommendation on the reform of strategic advisory councils (19 December 2013)

Recommendation on children in poverty (6 November 2013)

Recommendation on the masterplan of the Flemish Governement for the reform of secundary education (24 October 2013)

Recommendation on integration of ICT in education (30 May 2013)

Recommendation on the action plan ‘Brains on the move’ (2 May 2013)

Recommendation on study choice from secundary to higher education (28 March 2013)

Recommendation on OKAN (reception education for non-Dutch speaking newcomers) (24 January 2013)

Recommendation on the European Commission Communication ‘Rethinking education’ (24 January 2013)

Recommendation on challenges for Flemish higher education in the 21st century (13 November 2012)

Recommendation on the concept paper on media literacy (28 June 2012)

Recommendation on the Literacy Plan 2012-2016 (28 June 2012)

Recommendation on the profile of the student entering higher education (12 June 2012)

Recommendation on ‘Erasmus for All’ (26 April 2012)

Recommendation on the proposal for modernization of the European Directive 2005/36/EG on the recognition of professional qualifications (26 April 2011)

Recommendation on an active qualification policy (26 January 2012)

Recommendation on the implementation of ISCED 2011 in Flanders (26 January 2012)

Statement on ‘general education’ in secondary education (12 January 2012)

Recommendation on student centered learning (13 December 2011)

Recommendation on poverty and higher education (11 October 2011)

Recommendation on transparency tools (13 September 2011)

Recommendation on well-being and equal opportunities in health policy at school (23 June 2011)

Recommendation on participation at school (26 May 2011)

Recommendation on the draft recommendation of the Council of the EU on early school leaving (28 April 2011)

Recommendation on early childhood education and care (6 April 2011)

Recommendation on the stimulation plan for science and technique (24 March 2011)

Reaction on the Flemish Reform Programme Europe 2020 (3 March 2011)

Recommendation mobility staff (8 February 2011)

Paper on poverty and education (14 December 2010)

Recommendation on second chance learning pathways leading to a qualification of secondary education (9 November 2010)

Recommendation on the reform of the ISCED qualifications (28 October 2010)

Recommendation on the implementation in the Flemish Higher Education of the UN Convention for equal rights for persons with disabilities (24 June 2010)

Recommendation on Europe 2020 (24 June 2010)

Recommendation on student mobility (24 June 2010)

Recommendation on the public character of financing characteristics of pupils (27 May 2010)

Recommendation on the challenges for school infrastructure (29 April 2010)

Recommendation on the structure of Higher Education (9 March 2010)

Recommendation: ‘Towards a sustainable literacy’ (25 March 2010)

Recommendation on choice of studies towards Higher Education (28 January 2010)

Recommendation on cooperation in HBO (Higher Vocational Education) (26 November 2009)

Framework recommendation on educations (26 November 2009)

Recommendation on the recognition of foreign qualifications in Flemish Higher Education (13 October 2009)

Recommendation on the Leuven communiqué and its implementation (9 June 2009)

Recommendation on the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (30 April 2009)

Health care promotion at school (26 March 2009)

Memorandum: care and excellence in education and training (19 February 2009)

Recommendation on the priorities of the Belgian presidency of the European Union (18 December 2008)

Reaction on the consultation on the green paper on migration (18 December 2008)

Advice on the European Qualifications Framework (24 November 2005)

Recommendations on quality assurance and on the recognition of informal and non-formal learning in vocational education and training (18 May 2004)

Advice on Europass, the European framework for transparency in qualifications and competences (23 March 2004)

The European education policy and its effects on the education policy in Flanders (20 May 2003)