Recommendation on guidance on the learning pathway for adults (05/08/2018)

In January 2018, the three-year European GOAL project was completed. With this project, guidance was offered to low-skilled adults in 6 countries: Belgium (Flanders), Czech Republic, Iceland, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Slovenia. In Flanders two organizations participated in the project, in particular the Leerwinkel West-Vlaanderen and De Stap - Word Wijs! from Ghent. The Minister asked the Vlor for advice on the report of the GOAL project and about the blueprint which was elaborated by the Flemish Advisory Committee of the GOAL project.

The demand for guidance has been set for decades (by the professional field and by different policy levels, from the Flemish to the European level). The provision of lifelong guidance is an essential part of a policy aimed at participation in lifelong and lifewide learning. The Vlor has also repeatedly underlined this in previous recommendations.

The Vlor believes it is important that guidance involves lifelong and life-wide learning, in which learning is given a broad interpretation (eg personal development) and is not only aimed at participation in the labour market.

Participation in training and education by adults in Flanders remains very low. Guidance can be a powerful tool to increase this participation. The Vlor requires a clear commitment from the Flemish government to further develop and implement this guidance.

The Vlor lists a number of critical conditions for the further development of the model of guidance: the principles of quality service; embedding in the local context; objectivity of service; efficient use of resources; accountability and control of resources.

The organization of a quality guidance for adults requires an additional financial injection. The Vlor therefore asks the Flemish government to invest sufficient additional resources in its implementation.