Recommendation on the Agenda for the Modernisation of Europe's Higher Education Systems (03/08/2016)

The European Union wants to support higher education institutions and regional/national authorities in the elaboration of effective higher education systems. The ‘Agenda for the modernisation of Europe’s higher education systems’ sets out the priorities. This is for the EU a way to better react to the complex and changing society of today.

The Vlor formulated, at the attention of the Flemish authorities, a number of points of attention for this new agenda. The Council asks the Flemish authorities to take these points of attention to the debate on the agenda at the EU-level.

The agenda for the modernisation of Europe’s Higher Education systems should:

  • Have a clear vision on the role of higher education in facing the global challenges of today’s societies;
  • No longer start from a very instrumental vision on higher education (as it is the case today). Of course, higher education has to prepare students to the labour market, but the Vlor states that it is also important that they receive a broad education;
  • Focus on disadvantaged groups;
  • Ensure that higher education remains a public good;
  • Put the recognition of prior learning and of foreign diplomas high on the agenda;
  • Pay attention to the mobility of staff and students.