Recommendation on the concept paper on dual learning (03/12/2015)

This recommendation, at the request of Hilde Crevits, viceminister-president of the Flemish Government and Flemish minister of education, was prepared by the working group ‘dual learning’ and approved by the Secondary Education Council (after discussions in the Secondary Education Council and the commission Education, Training and Labour Market).

The concept paper wants to reinforce dual learning in secondary education. The Vlor agrees with the general principle, but formulates a number of conditions to guarantee that dual learning will be an equal learning pathway.

The Vlor pleads for two equal labour market oriented learning pathways in the modernized secondary education: a dual learning pathway and a fulltime learning pathway, both leading to full educational qualifications.

The Vlor proposes to make entry in dual learning possible from 15 – 16 year (the start of half time compulsory education).

The educational needs of the learner have to be at the centre. The choice for dual learning has to be inspired by the educational needs of the learner, not by the needs of the labour market. This calls for a strong trajectory guidance, embedded in learning career guidance.

The main mission of education remains general education that prepares youngsters for the future. It is necessary to integrate general education and professional competences, also for those whose learning takes place at the work floor mainly. The curricula are a good way to integrate both components and to make agreements on who takes up which part of the education and training: the school or the employer.