Reaction on the Flemish Reform Programme Europe 2020 (03/03/2011)

Flemish Minister-President Kris Peeters asked the Vlor for a recommendation on the draft Flemish Reform Programme Europe 2020. In this programme, Flanders explains how it will realize the Europe 2020 headline targets and the integrated benchmarks. The draft is a first step towards a Flemish Reform Programme Europe 2020 which will be adopted by the Flemish government in April 2011.

In the reaction, the Vlor asks the Flemish government to work on policy and action lines that are concrete and coherent. The programme refers to the objectives of Europe 2020, in which education is seen as an actor to realize societal objectives. However, the Vlor insists on the fact that the mission of education cannot be restricted to societal objectives. The pedagogical mission of education must not be neglected.

Finally, the Vlor asks that the strategic councils are consulted at relevant moments in the process, amongst others at reports and interim evaluations.