Recommendation on the evaluation of the European programme Education and Training 2020 (04/24/18)

The European Commission is asking input from the Member States for the evaluation of the Education and Training 2020 programme. This evaluation will fit into an adjustment of the process with a view to 2030, so that the next framework can provide more focused support and, above all, lead to a more effective and sustainable impact. Because the Commission asks the Member States to make the evaluation in consultation with the stakeholders from the educational field, the Flemish government asked the Vlor to provide input for the Flemish contribution to the evaluation. The Vlor appreciates this opportunity.

The Vlor believes that the European educational priorities should first create conditions to guarantee mobility for all learners in the various Member States. Transparency of education systems is part of this. Secondly, the European Union must also support Member States in thinking about the innovation of education systems. But Flemish education policy cannot and must not be reduced or limited to the goals of ET 2020. The Vlor appreciates that the Union, in recent years, considers the financing of education systems as a separate objective. This is a correction and an addition to the budgetary standards that form the backbone of the European Semester. The Vlor also appreciates Europe's growing interest in the role of teachers and school leaders as key actors in education policy. On the other hand, the Council regrets that the policy documents of the Union inform about the policy on learners (and their parents) without considering those learners (and their parents) as active actors. The Vlor also advocates that the Union pays more attention to school construction, school environment and school infrastructure. These are very important for the well-being and for the learning processes of young people and adult learners. The Vlor believes that the involvement of the civil society and all partners involved in education must increase in all processes of innovation in relation to education. The current procedures are insufficient at both the European and the Flemish level.