Recommendation on the action plan ‘Brains on the move’ (05/02/2013)

The action plan mobility is linked to the European benchmark to have 20 % of the students with a study experience abroad by 2020.

The Vlor welcomes the action plan, but has questions related to its operationalization. The Flemish benchmark is higher than the European benchmark: by 2020, 33 % of all Flemish graduates must have study or apprenticeship experience abroad. The Vlor supports this ambitious target, but has questions related to its operationalization.

On the other hand, the action plan wants to lower the number of credits to take into account from 15 tot 10. This will indeed higher the percentage, but will it make difficult to compare Flemish data with European data.

The action plan proposes to validate competences acquired through mobility. This seems logical, but, again, the Vlor has questions related to the operationalization. The Vlor states that the recent complex language regulation for higher education will be a barrier for the action plan.