Recommendation on OKAN (reception education for non-Dutch speaking newcomers) (01/24/2013)

This recommendation has been prepared at the Vlor’s own initiative by the Commission on Diversity and Equal Opportunities, and approved by the General Council.

For the Vlor, reception education for non-Dutch speaking newcomers is education that meets the specific needs of this target group. The specific offer for non-Dutch speaking newcomers that is now foreseen in legislation – and that is limited in time – is just the initial phase in a longer process.

For the Vlor, the actual objectives of initial OKAN are too limited; they focus almost exclusively on language acquisition, whilst the acquisition of other skills, competences and attitudes is also very important, as well as the wellbeing of the pupils.

The Vlor insists on the diversity of the target group and of their environments. Therefore, the Vlor asks the government to create a broad framework which allows a tailored approach.