Recommendation on ten guiding principles for a strong primary education (09/16/2015)

During the school year 2014-2015, the Vlor has published the results of an exploration on the specific identity of primary education, together with a platform text: 'Primary education as a foundation for developing and learning'.

Based on this publication, the Primary Education Council formulates in its recommendation ten guiding principles for a strong primary education. The Council suggests to use these guiding principles as a touchstone for evaluating future policy related to primary education.

  1. A primary school is a school tailored to the children
  2. A primary school is development-oriented
  3. Diversity as an asset
  4. An integrated approach is fundamental
  5. A learning team is sharing responsibilities
  6. The educational partnership between school, pupil and parent is powerful
  7. The primary school and the neighbourhood have a lot to offer to each other
  8. Primary school is offering a broad general education
  9. Investing in primary education is rewarding
  10. It is more than a matter of education alone