Recommendation on the concept paper on media literacy (06/28/2012)

On 4 May 2012 the Flemish Government approved the concept paper on media literacy. The Flemish Government asked the advice of the Vlor.

The Vlor agrees with the fact that the government puts the theme of media literacy high at the agenda. The concept paper contains a good starting analysis. The council recommends to involve other policy domains and asks to be involved in further implementation.

The Vlor strongly pleads for more equal opportunities in media literacy and for more attention for people with disabilities. The Vlor warns against stereotyping, for example, young people and adults.

The Vlor states that schools have room to work on media literacy, within the current educational goals.

The Vlor also highlights a number of shortcomings:

  • It will be difficult for the government to implement some actions without additional funding.
  • It would be good to discuss the definition of media literacy with all the partners, to ensure a good common understanding.
  • The concept paper has too much attention for ICT/digital media and gaming. Media literacy is a broader concept.
  • The Vlor has questions related to the knowledge centre media literacy. Which partners will be involved? Who will take the initiative? Who is the target group?