Recommendation on Education and Training 2020 (10/22/2015)

The Vlor formulates, at the attention of the Minister, some reflections related to the Communication of the European Commission on the new priorities for European Cooperation in Education and Training 2020. The Vlor hopes to influence the position of the Belgian authorities in the field of future European education policy (Flanders is taking up the representation of Belgium in the Council of Education Ministers).

The Vlor states that the way the EU looks at education is determined by societal expectations. Expectations from the labour market, and now also a lot of expectations related to citizenship. The Vlor pleads for a balance between societal/European expectations and the pedagogical mission of education.

The Vlor welcomes the fact that the Commission is opting for a more focused and more integrated framework. The integration can even be stronger, aligning ET2020 with the review of Europe 2020, the upcoming skills strategy and initiatives from other supranational institutions.

The Union is proposing a new policy line related to citizenship, social cohesion and responsibility in a diverse society. The Vlor welcomes this broad approach: it is putting the importance of intercultural competences, intercultural dialogue, fundamental values and active citizenship, critical reflection and media literacy in the picture in education.

The Vlor states, again, the limited room for participation of stakeholders and of civil society in the making of European frameworks for cooperation, and in their translation into the Flemish level. The Council is asking for a structural embedding of participation of civil society, at the diverse governance levels.