Recommendation on the stimulation plan for science and technique (03/24/2011)

Given the fact that there is a structural shortage on scientists and technicians on the labour market, the Flemish Parliament asked the Vlor and the Council for Science and Innovation for a recommendation for a new policy for the promotion of science and technique.

There is a clear sense of urgency: until now, too often, there have only been temporary projects and too little coherence.

A stimulation policy for science and technique is the responsibility of different partners and cannot be guided by government only: the education institutions, guidance services and all education partners have to make strategic choices. The Vlor pleads thus for a platform for deliberation.

Every citizen has to be equipped in order to be able to participate at a society that is more and more influenced by science and technique. That’s why the Vlor wants a debate on the place and content of ‘general education’ in secondary education. A stimulation policy has to put policy accents according to the education level.

If we want to realize the ambitious targets for science and technique, we have to take into account several critical conditions:

  • A budgetary effort
  • Competence training of teachers and trainers
  • A global strategy for communication about science and technique