Outlines for a STEM action plan 2020-2030 (27 June 2019)

With the end of the current STEM action plan in sight, the Vlor gives its recommendations for the STEM action plan 2020-2030.

Two-track policy

The Vlor advocates a STEM action plan that focuses on two tracks: STEM literacy for all citizens and STEM specialization for future employees in STEM professions. The STEM action plan should therefore not only be aimed at increasing inflow into STEM training courses to meet the needs of the labor market, but must go wider.

Ten recommendations for the STEM 2020-2030 action plan

  • Expand the target group of the STEM action plan;
  • Give room for quality implementation of previous initiatives such as the attainment targets and innovations in the educational offer;
  • Continue to focus on didactics for STEM education;
  • Tackle the teacher shortage, also for STEM;
  • Focus on good educational career counseling;
  • Adjust the social perception;
  • Develop high-quality STEM academies;
  • Put education at the wheel, together with other actors.
  • Provide well-considered financing;
  • Measure in order to be able to steer.