Recommendation on challenges for Flemish higher education in the 21st century (11/13/2012)

In this recommendation, the Vlor reflects on the societal trends that influence the Flemish higher education, the related challenges and the ways in which higher education can react.

The Vlor looks for an answer to the major social, demographic, economic and technological trends of today’s society. The challenges for higher education are largely the same for Flanders as for neighbouring countries or the U.S. Higher education has to respond to these changes in an innovative way. It is important to balance between dealing with the changing society and maintaining continuity.

The basis of this recommendation is the belief that higher education has a very important place in our society, and that higher education must continue to have that place in the 21st century. The recommendation is not only based on economic trends. It also looks at broader global developments and promotes a sustainable vision.

The council summarizes the concerns for the Flemish higher education in 15 recommendations.