Recommendation on the new European Erasmus programme (28 June 2018)

Because evaluations show that the Erasmus programme still does not reach all groups of young people, the European Commission is calling for more inclusion and for targeted efforts to give disadvantaged groups more opportunities for international mobility. The Commission also wants to encourage more vocational training learners to learn for a while (or do an internship) in another country.

The Vlor used the consultation that the European Commission organized with citizens and organizations prior to the approval by the European Parliament and the Council. He formulated this recommendation on his own initiative, addressed to both European policy makers and the Flemish Minister for Education.

The Vlor certainly supports the broadening of the target group. More European resources for vocational education and compulsory education can be an important incentive to make those levels of education more committed to internationalization and mobility. Resources remain the same for higher education. However, the Council is convinced that an increase is also needed here, given the measures needed to do something about the under-participation of certain groups in internationalization.

The Vlor is also in favor of a thorough follow-up of the efficiency of certain proposals. Do free train passes for 18-year-olds really contribute to discovering European citizenship or are there other more efficient ways of achieving the goal?

The Council also advocates supportive measures for the new target groups and calls for attention to be paid to removing the administrative barriers.