Recommendation on an internationalization strategy for Flemish higher education (03/14/2017)

If Flemish higher education institutions want to continue to play a leading role in developing knowledge and if they want to prepare their students for their professional and personal functioning in an increasingly global and multicultural society, they must continue to internationalize.

The Vlor advocates a new impetus and a new stimulus whereby the government, together with the institutions, establishes an internationalization strategy for Flemish higher education. This must be institution-wide and the institutions must be the leading actors. The government has a coordinating role and ensures the fulfillment of the preconditions (such as rules and regulations).Currently there is too much fragmentation of the offer and there is no joint approach, no single point of contact. Internationalization is often reduced by both government and institutions to mobility. Flemish higher education needs a long-term vision of internationalization, that addresses strategic and operational goals.