Recommendation on the masterplan of the Flemish Governement for the reform of secundary education (10/24/2013)

The Vlor welcomes this masterplan of the Flemish Government and the direction that is set out for educational innovation. The common basis in general education in the first degree, in combination with specific sets for A-stream and B-stream, the reduction of the basic options, the reinforcement of possibilities for differentiation in the first degree offer chances for innovation. However, the Vlor regrets that the ambitious objective of the orientation paper to postpone study choices has not been withheld as a starting point.

A number of points need further elaboration in consultation with the education stakeholders.

The Vlor would like to see more attention for the B-stream and for the link with alternative learning pathways. The Vlor states that the measures in the masterplan that have an impact on primary education are too exclusively focused on the transition to secondary education.