Recommendation on the implementation in the Flemish Higher Education of the UN Convention for equal rights for persons with disabilities (06/24/2010)

On 2 July 2009, Belgium ratified the UN Convention for equal rights for persons with disabilities. For the Flemish Education Council, this was a good opportunity to update its demand for inclusive education for students with disabilities. In a recommendation on its own initiative, the Flemish Education Council framed the responsibilities of different partners.

If the government sign such a treaty, it must also reflect on how they intend to implement it and what resources will be provided. The government can promote inclusive education through appropriate legislation, adequate funding of institutions and students, sufficient attention in teacher training and a good registration of students with disabilities.

Higher education institutions must provide basic infrastructure and make reasonable adjustments and basic services for these students, make reciprocal agreements and establish an appeal procedure. Student organizations are asked to work on the awareness raising and assistance of fellow students.