Recommendation on the implementation of the Paris communiqué. A new milestone in the Bologna process (9 October 2018)

On 24 and 25 May 2018, the ministers responsible for higher education from 48 European countries met in Paris to assess the state of the Bologna process. Ministers' conclusions were set out in a communiqué with the vision for the future, priorities and working points for a European higher education area. The Vlor responds to the communiqué and also provides a number of points for attention for Flanders. Because of a certain ‘Bologna fatigue’, there was a strong need for an ambitious Paris communiqué. The Vlor is therefore satisfied that the text largely corresponds to this expectation. The new communiqué goes beyond the purely bureaucratic level and really wants to focus on the key commitments of the Member States. Peer groups will be used to tackle implementation differences between partner countries. Various countries gather around themes related to the key competences. The Vlor believes that Flanders should take the lead in those peer groups, especially on the basis of the expertise of Flemish higher education in quality assurance, automatic recognition of diplomas and qualification structure.