Recommendation on integration of ICT in education (05/30/2013)

The Vlor issued this recommendation at the request of the Minister. The council was asked to take into account a.o. mobile technology, digital learning tools and financing of ICT-infrastructure. In the preparation of the recommendation, relevant actors outside the Vlor were involved.

The council pleads for dealing consciously with ICT at school.

Schools have to prepare to a digital society, which means that they have to take into account the technological evolution. This calls for a well elaborated policy that goes beyond the acquisition of materials or the appointment of an ICT-coordinator.

If a school wants to integrate ICT, it has to develop a policy based on its own vision, within the frameworks offered by the government. ICT-policy is not only the concern of the ICT-coordinator, but of the whole school team, as it is related to staff policy, care policy, financial policy of the school.

Teachers remain crucial. They are responsible for the quality of their education, and can make use of digital tools. Integrating ICT in the classroom is however not evident for every teacher. The teacher has to have the possibility to rely on accessible support and professional development.

In order to integrate ICT at school, sufficient material has to be available. The government can support schools by making framework agreements with providers.