Recommendation on well-being and equal opportunities in health policy at school (06/23/2011)

From 2009-2010, well-being and equal opportunities are a key element the action plan of the Vlor to support health promotion in schools. After two seminars on the topic, the Vlor has now written a recommendation. The Vlor calls for coordination between the different reference frameworks for health, well-being and equal educational opportunities.

Based on the findings of researchers and experts, some specific recommendations are formulated:

School teams are advised to build a comprehensive policy and to establish, where appropriate, links between health, equal opportunities and student guidance. They are called to invest in a warm and supportive school environment with individual attention for students. Furthermore, there is the need to focus on professionalism, on a strong participatory culture (formal and informal), and on the optimization of the local network. Ensuring a healthy school infrastructure and school organization contributes to the general well-being of pupils.

Policy makers should concentrate on consultation and coordination between different policy areas that work on objectives related to health. The Vlor asks for a balance between project work and a structural and long-term approach. The Vlor hopes to see greater involvement of vulnerable groups in the field of health policy development.

The Vlor also formulates some recommendations for teacher trainers and stakeholder associations.