Empowering Higher Education in Adopting Digital Learning

Management of the project

Project partners

The project is coordinated by the Flemish Department of Education and Training, and will be implemented in cooperation with the Flemish Education Council  and the Ministry of Education and Science in Latvia.

The project is steered by a transnational steering group, composed by representatives of the Flemish project partner and by representatives of the Latvian project partner, as well as a number of international experts.

The activities conducted in Flanders are steered by a working group of the Flemish Education Council (Council for Higher Education):

  • Co-chairs: Isabelle De Ridder, Cis Van Den Bogaert, University of Antwerp;
  • Secretariat of the Flemish Education Council: Tine Degrande, Carine De Smet;
  • Ministry of Education Flemish Community: Magalie Soenen, Ellen Vanderhoven;
  • Members: Piet Henderikx (EATDU), Wouter Hustinx (Flemish University Colleges), Wauter Leenknecht (Trade Union), Sara Theuwen (Flemish University Colleges), Stijn Van Achter (Flemish Interuniversity Council), Patrick Van den Bosch (Flemish Higher Education Council), Tom Vandersteene (Trade Union), Inge Vansweevelt (Trade Union).